Utilizing our rich knowledge & personal relationships acquired in our former work

Examples of our activities

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A. Feb. 17, 2020 (Mon.)

Name of Exhibition : In the Feb. Regular meeting of Tokyo Junior Chamber of Industry (JCI), SGMT opened its exhibition booth.

 Theme of Feb. Regular meeting : Lecture “Small & Medium Enterprise!!

Open up a new business era !!” by manager of “EUGLENA” Co. Ltd.

Attendants : App. 600

Location & Time : Asahi Hall at Yurakucho, 18:00~21:00

Attendants from SGMT ; (SGN) Mr. Tanabe, (SGMT) Messrs. Yamada, Okuno, Hisada, Shirakawa

Contents ;

➀ In this once a month Regular meeting of JCI which many younger enterprise managers attend, a member of SGMT participated and obtained PR chance of SGMT activities.

➁ SMGT was requested to participate in the following meetings continuously, and answered to do so.

➂ Pamphlets of SGMT and “Forum Schedule of February” were delivered to attendants, appr. 100.

➃ SGMT received consultation request from one enterprise about level-up in promoting its IT systemization, and SGMT will respond to it.

➄ SGMT was requested to attend “Future Creative Project — Hakkason X SDGs=” which is held by JCI on March 22th, 2020, and answered to attend it.

B. Feb. 4th, 2020 (Tue.)

Salon of SGMT

Support for Bhutan through human resources training on manufacturing machines

Mr. Hajime Shirai, Representative Director of NPO Corporation “International construction machine expert council”

(All materials and lecture videos are in Japanese.)

C. Nov. 7th, 2019 (Thu.)

At the 2019 Business Fair of Seibu Shinkin Bank, the exhibition booth of SGMT was opened.

Date & Location : Nov. 7, 2019Prism Hall in the Tokyo Dome City

Following types of business & organization opened respective exhibition booths :

AI・IOT・Cloud (32), Housing・Construction etc.(14), Service Industry(36), Ecology・Environmental Business(15),

Tohoku area support(3), Manufacturing・Processing Technology(53), SDG related business(3), Alliance(23),

Medical Industry Business(11), Global-Foreign Companies(19),

Industry-University-Government Projects Supporting Agencies(29)

Attendants from SGMT ; Messrs. Yamada, Chiku, Hirano, Ishibashi, Shirakawa

Activity contents

① To find small & medium enterprises to support, proposing utilization of our experts through the business support program of Seibu Shinkin Bank

② Guidance of internship in a company by proposing practical work experience in our supporting company

③ Cooperation with exhibiting other NPOs and Agencies for enterprise support, and sounding of cooperation and information exchange

D. Supporting activity for foreign related enterprises and foreign persons vising Japan

1. Supporting activity at a construction site in an overseas country

2. Support activity for Japanese-language learning in the international cultural meeting at Yamanaka Lake side