Utilizing our rich knowledge & personal relationships acquired in our former work

Introduction of Each Group in SGMT

Our activities and projects

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1. Supporting Group: Supporting activities for enterprises, etc

  • Enterprise support : Asking issue to be solved and business situation of your company, SGMT helps you systematically by our members selected according to your problematic points.
  • School support : According to your school’s curriculum, we dispatch an instructor for experiment guidance, lecture and workshop.

2. Forum Group

  • “Forum” is to be held three times a year, selecting appropriate theme to support small & medium enterprises for their level-up in the field of manufacturing capability, human resource development, management, etc..

3. Other activities

  • Publication of booklet “Business Management” to be useful for manufacturing capability in small & medium enterprises, utilizing our support experience for company. (All booklets are written by Japanese.)

  • “Salon” : Lecture named “Salon” is to be opened for our members’ self-development, and the theme of lecture is selected freely by the presenter. This Salon is open to visitors to our Office.

Organization & Management

  • Organization : [Director] Representative, Vice-representative, Auditor

            [Group in charge] General affairs, Accounting, Support for enterprises, Forum, Public relations

  • Management : The daily activity of each group is to be discussed and confirmed in the monthly regular meeting and implemented by each group in charge according the decided policy.

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