Utilizing our rich knowledge & personal relationships acquired in our former work

Comprehensive Support Group

for Management & Technology(SGMT)

Utilizing our rich knowledge & personal relationships acquired in our former work

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“SGMT” is the abbreviation of “Comprehensive Support Group for Management & Technology”. (This support group is called “GSSG” in Japan by Japanese abbreviation.)

“SGMT” consists of retired members (OB of business world) who have ever worked in various fields such as R & D, production/quality control, purchase, sales, overseas projects (incl. developing countries), intellectual property management, human resources training, organization management, etc..

“SGMT” desires to contribute to the society by supporting small & medium enterprises who are a backbone of Japanese economy, and hopeful ventures in wide fields from technology to management, utilizing our rich knowledge & personal relationships acquired during our working period.

All members of SGMT wish these contributions to society will be helpful for our future rich and valuable life.

If you agree with our purpose, we welcome retirees & active workers to join our Group (SGMT), waiting for your application to our membership.

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