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Mr. J. Oda, member of SGMT, released a book “How to overcome 5 barriers for commercialization of a product, ~ a textbook for producing your own original product ~” from JUSE Press. Ltd. on June 2023. (JUSE : Union of Japan Scientists and Engineers) in top 10.

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We often see such manufacturing companies that can’t move forward from prototyping for the reasons of “Parts’ costs are too expensive.”, “Assembling is difficult.”, “Parts’ mass-production method can’t be found.” and so on. These are the problems which small & medium-sized companies who start to commercialize a product with their own special technology, and venture companies who challenge commercialization of new technology collaborating with a university are often facing. But most of those problems could be avoidable, if they have 5 fundamental knowledges for commercialization of product.

This book explains the basic knowledge for the product design and the structure of its concerned manufacturing industry, targeting the manufacturing companies who design products to sell on the market and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies who introduce a business system to the manufacturing industry.

What do the product designers consider when designing? What kind of people and companies do they work with? Further, problems faced by the manufacturing industry and their solutions, and then, the ideal future for the manufacturing industry are considered in this book.

 [Target reader] 

  • Small & medium-sized manufacturers who try to produce their original products
  • Venture manufacturing companies
  • SaaS companies that are concerned with manufacturing industry

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