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Serial columns of Mr. J. Oda,member of SGMT:ITmedia MONOist, “In the remote operating era, how quality defects of the products being manufactured in China could be avoided?”This column won 1st place in the annual ranking, and other 5 columns were selected in top 10.

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“Serial columns of Mr. J. Oda, member of SGMT, which introduce abundant know-how and advices to be kept in mind for manufacturing in China depending on his long experience, stared from April on the Magazine “MONOist” of ITmedia. These columns attracted many readers and one of them won 1st place in the annual ranking. Further, other 5 columns won 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th in the top 10 ranking, which means half of top 10 and set a record for the first time in history.

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